It’s lovely how many kitchen styles there are for such a small space. And, it’s understandable why it takes so long to decide on the perfect design and color scheme; there are so many ways you can personalize your kitchen. Should you go classic or modern? Should you stick to neutral colors or go bold with bright, vibrant colors? Should the design incorporate the rest of the house, or should it be a room all its own? One style we suggest our clients check out when they’re stuck or have no direction is the transitional kitchen. Why are these kitchens so great? Keep on reading!

What is a transitional kitchen?

Over the years, transitional kitchens have gained popularity. Sometimes people think this type of kitchen is similar to an open-concept because of the kitchen transitioning into the living room. A transitional kitchen is actually referring to blending both traditional designs you have with modern designs you love. It’s perfect for families who bought an older home and want to upgrade without losing the kitchen’s original design. Another reason is that you might like how modern kitchen designs look, but they feel too sparse or empty on their own. A touch of the traditional style makes all of the difference!

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What colors look best with this type of kitchen?

Usually, neutral colors are the best. You could use a soft beige, an off-white, gray, etc. This isn’t to say you can’t have a pop of color, though, such as blues, greens, even a red. Work with two-toned cabinets, making your island the focal point, add complementary colors, and more.

What about lighting?

Another fun part of a transitional kitchen is being able to choose the right lighting. With the blend of modern and traditional lighting, you’re able to choose between either type of fixture or have a combination of both. For example, you could have a beautiful chandelier light over the island or dining room table with recessed lights in the ceiling.

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