What we have come to know as the traditional kitchen is changing, and it’s making life a lot easier. Yes, we’re talking about incorporating a smart kitchen into your home! This doesn’t have to be a full remodel, but rather introducing smart appliances into your home. Mealtime prep no longer needs to be stressful; you can check the temperature of the chicken in your oven from your couch. Also, you won’t need to wonder whether or not you need eggs while grocery shopping because smart refrigerators can be directly connected to an app on your phone. We, at New England Kitchen and Bath, have a few ideas as to how you can bring your kitchen into the 21st century.

  • Keep It Simple – The entire kitchen doesn’t need to be decked out on gadgets right away. Ease yourself into the technology with a home virtual assistant from Amazon or Google. While you’re elbows deep in a mixing bowl or doing the dishes, you could ask the smart speaker something like “What’s the weather going to be like for the week?” or “How many ounces are in a cup?” Reminders can be set for future grocery lists, too, so you don’t forget milk or bread at the store. They’re small devices that are very convenient for the average person’s busy day.
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Small devices that are very convenient for the average person’s busy day.

Check your baking progress at a safe distance through a smartphone.

  • Cameras Everywhere – As a kid when cookies or cakes were baking do you remember sitting in front of the oven watching them slowly rise? With smart ovens that can be done, at a safe distance, through a smartphone. Not only will you be able to check your baking progress, but this feature can also provide internal temperatures for whatever you’re cooking. Making sure chicken is thoroughly cooked won’t be a worry anymore or getting the perfect temperature of a steak.
  • The Hands-Free Experience – Hands-free faucets are truly all the rage, especially for people who need that third arm to turn on the water after art projects or cooking prep. Some faucets have the ability to sense when hands or items are underneath it, while others can be voice-activated. A command like “dispense four cups of water” or “fill pitcher” can be used, and the faucet will accurately fulfill the request.
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Hands-free faucets are great for people who need that third arm to turn on the water.

Accurate measurements right to your phone.

  • A Few Extras – Extra items that aren’t necessary, but we can recommend to make life a little simpler are:
    • A Smart Scale provides accurate measurements right to your phone app instead of fighting with a bunch of measuring cups and making a huge mess.
    • A Smart Plug can be plugged into any outlet, and can be appliance specific! This will help to eliminate any cord confusion.