Combining traditional styles brought by pilgrims and Shakers that settled the New England territories, the New England style kitchen is dedicated to simplicity and practicality like the lifestyle


Unlike contemporary and modern kitchens, the New England style focuses on function and practicality over flashy and over-the-top designs. New England kitchens also don’t conform to any one style with a few exceptions – there is always an island, the kitchen is often not symmetrical, and the cabinet facings are usually simplistic, valuing craftsmanship and finer materials over intricacy and elaborate carvings and details. Most compare the New England style to Shaker, colonial, and traditional styles due to the choices of colors, textures, and materials.

When it comes to the kitchen island, it is independent of the kitchen. While the style dictates that the cabinets should all be the same, the island stands alone and is often the one piece that has more room for customization. If you’re going to add a few more intricate details, add them here. Just remember not to go too over-the-top that the facade is broken and the style is thrown into chaos.

new england farmhouse kitchen


The essence of this timeless look is its color. In the spirit of keeping it simple, most New England-style kitchens are white on white similar to farmhouse styles, but with a more open floor plan. Remember what we mentioned before about islands? They are still the exception here. With the detached architecture of your extra counter space, you have more room to customize. The style takes heavily from nautical and coastal influences, so don’t be afraid to add a touch of color and mismatch your island with a gray, blue, or navy shade and even a different colored countertop in the same material as your main setup. Decorate minimally with rustic and nautical elements such as driftwood or colorful seagrass bowls that aren’t too abrasive and you’ll be set!

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