A remodel can be an awesome way to spruce up any home! At New England Kitchen and Bath Center we’re excited to work with you to make your dream kitchen or bathroom come true. Not sure why a remodel is right for you? Here a few reasons to consider it!



Increase Value – A home will always have some sort of wear on them. With a fresh coat of paint or a full remodel, the value of the home will increase quite a bit. Selling it, later on, will be a lot easier with a bathroom and kitchen fully remodeled.






Energy Efficient – If a home is older there’s a good chance the kitchen or bathroom had appliances that are not energy efficient. With a remodel these rooms can be updated with new appliances that will save resources and be a lot more cost effective.






Lifestyle – Families change and grow. A kitchen and bathroom can be outgrown with adding a child or two. With the right remodel, a kitchen or bathroom can utilize the original space while adding space-saving cabinets and appliances that work with your household.






Modernizing – If a home is at least 20 years old then there’s a good chance the kitchen or bathroom is outdated. Remodeling your kitchen or bath is not only a great way to add a modern touch, but also addresses any outdated coding or safety hazards.






Safety – Pipes and electrical wires can wear down with time. If an issue pops up such as a leaking pipe, it needs to get taken care of right away so more issues don’t spring up like mold. This is a great opportunity for a remodel!