There are features that every kitchen needs to have for essential functionality such as a sink, refrigerator, a range top & stove, storage, and more. These features give you the ability to cook meals for yourself and clean up afterward without issue. However, there are other features all kitchens can benefit from cooking, cleaning, and socializing that much more enjoyable. Here are just a few features to consider adding to your kitchen during your remodel.

  • An Island: Islands can have quite a few jobs. They add extra counter space and storage, as well as adding a second sink, a spot for appliances, and so much more. Kitchen islands are easily customizable depending on the space of the kitchen and the needs of the family.
new modern kitchen
drawer with pots in it
  • Specific Storage: Sometimes, you can have ample storage, but no place to put anything. The best solution for storage is to have cabinets and drawers for specific items such as pots and pans, spices, appliances you don’t want to leave on your countertop, and more. When everything has a place, the kitchen can stay nice-looking more easily.
  • Pot Fillers: Raise your hand if you’ve ever had an issue filling a pot with water. You’re either shoving it sideways into the sink or having to fill it one glass at a time. The solution? Have a faucet with a long, jointed arm that can swing out installed over the sink or the stove.
kitchen stove
drawer for wastebasket
  • Enclosed Trash and Recycling Bins: Trash and recycling bins can be unsightly and sometimes inconvenient to have in the kitchen, but we need them to keep the space clean. A great solution is to have both bins concealed under the island or the countertop. Not only is the trash hidden, but it can help reduce the smell.
  • Well-Lit Cabinets: While overhead lights can illuminate the central part of the kitchen, you still can’t see in the cabinets itself. To fix that, have recessed lighting installed around the kitchen that the overhead lighting can’t reach.
new kitchen with white cabinets