With getting a new appliance like a refrigerator or a stove, it can be a little overwhelming trying to pick the best one. You can choose between a freestanding or a built-in appliance depending on the type of finish. A lot of the decision comes down to the design of your kitchen. We’ve put together a comparison between the two to help you decide which is the best for your kitchen.

The Freestanding Appliance

● The freestanding model is more frequent and more comfortable to obtain.

● These models are less expensive because they’re basically “one size fits all.” As long as you measure correctly and have the proper connections, you can install a freestanding appliance with ease.

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● It’s finished on either side. You can place it anywhere in the room, and it will look beautiful whether it’s up against a cabinet or its sides are exposed to the rest of the room.

● With the finished models, they will have a little bit of a gap between it and the countertop. You need to be conscious of spills and dirt getting in between and on the floor.

The Built-In Appliance

● The sides of these models are meant to be hidden. Their sides are unfinished, so when they slide in, the appliances are flush with the rest of the space.

● There’s are fewer models to choose from because the dimensions are so specific.

● The appliances will be flush up against the counters or cabinets, making it look like one unit.

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Freestanding vs Built-In Appliances 1
Freestanding vs Built-In Appliances 2