Black is a tricky color. Cool and collected, it offers a very modern, sleek design. In fact, if you have a kitchen that is smaller in size, black, or a variation of black, can add more depth and space to your area — specifically with your cabinets. With the right design and the right amount of black, it can become the ideal color for your small kitchen. Take our word for it, and keep reading below. We’re so sure this will be top-of-the-list for your remodel.

Black Islands: Islands are a great source for extra storage, countertop space, and seating. Even with a small kitchen, an island could almost double the kitchen space. It’s also another way to add in some extra color. If the rest of your kitchen is a lighter color, a black island almost blends into the background despite being front and center in the room. It blends in even more if the flooring is darker as well.

beautiful interior of a modern house

Glass Doors: A little trick of opening up your black cabinet doors is to use glass panels in the front. The glass panels allow you to see what’s inside of the cabinet essentially making the cabinet seem larger. If the glass isn’t the design you want, try playing around with different textures for the panel. You can do an etched glass or even frosted glass.

Contrasting Colors: Black looks stunning with contrasting colors. White is the most popular choice, but almost any lighter color will do the trick. Light gray, light blue, marble, and more. Think about the transition between the black and the contrasting color, from countertop to cabinet.

Open Concept Kitchen & adjacent Breakfast nook

Open Shelving: Open shelving takes away the issue of which panel to use for the door. The open shelving visually expands the room despite the black color. You can still play around with contrasting colors, but it will be more for the sake of the design and not necessarily to open up space.