How many of you know what the purpose of that fan in the bathroom is? Do you use it to give yourself a little privacy while you’re in there? You’re not too far off from its original function. That ventilation fan is an important part of keeping your bathroom fresh and intact. With showers, especially if you like a steaming, hot shower, the moisture doesn’t just stay in the shower itself. It can build up throughout the entire bathroom because of the humidity from the shower. Over time that water condensation can damage areas of your bathroom including grout and tile. The ventilation fan can help reduce that damage, plus there are other benefits that this fan can have. Here’s what you need to know:

● Eliminates Odors: The bathroom isn’t always the best smelling area of the house. You can mask the unpleasant odors with various air fresheners, but wouldn’t it be better to get rid of the smell right away? The ventilation system can draw the air out immediately, removing most odors from the room quickly.

Reduces Humidity: Humidity can build up quickly in the bathroom, especially if you enjoy a toasty shower. That humidity can cause a lot of problems over time by peeling or cracking the paint and wallpaper, weakening tile grout, and even warping the bathroom door. 

Reduces Airborne Contaminants: The bathroom is the only room in the house where you go in dirty and come out clean. There can be a lot of germs floating around in that room so you need to regularly clean it with more aggressive cleaners than the living room or even the kitchen. The cleaners can have a strong smell that can be dangerous if it’s inhaled for too long. The ventilation fan removes those odors without affecting the cleaner.

Eliminates The “Foggy Mirror”: How often are you wiping down the mirror after you’ve left the shower? With the fan going, the mirror will be fog-free when you’re done!

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